[SUBW-A] Practice Navigation Day - Round Two

Marcelle Gannon marcelle_gannon at yahoo.com.au
Mon May 12 09:49:10 AEST 2003

Hi all,

The Paddy Pallin 6 hour rogaine (cross-country
navigation competition) is on the 15th June.  I've
volunteered to collect the checkpoint markers in the
two weeks after the event.  I need many helpers to do
this.  Navigation skills are not essential but I will
need a few people who can navigate reasonably well to
do the harder sections of the course. We'll split up
into small groups and take a section of the course
each.  Think of it as a mini-rogaine, an excellent way
to practise or learn navigation.  The course is
designed to cater for all ability levels, so there'll
be a section that suits you.  The location is about 2
hrs north of Sydney, somewhere near the Hawkesbury
River.  The dates are flexible - tell me which of the
21, 22, 28, 29 June suits you best. 

ph 9519 0628.

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