[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Red Rocks 24-25 May 03

David Noble dnoble at ozemail.com.au
Sun May 25 21:33:17 AEST 2003

Trip Report - Red Rocks 24-25 May 03

Party - Dave Forbes, Rob Hynes, Chris Collier, Christian Peckham, 
Kristen Harvey, Belinda Madin, Amanda, Dave Noble

We headed out to Newnes on Friday night - stopping briefly on the way 
at Gardener's Inn at Blackheath for some refreshments. After a restful 
nights sleep we awoke in the morning to gray skies - and by the time we 
had finished breakfast and packed it was raining quite heavily. After 
some discussion we decided to reverse the planned route - as this would 
give us more options for large dry caves should we need one if the rain 

So we set off up Little Capertee Creek and followed it for quite a 
while until we found ourselves in a small canyon. After some fun and 
games we reached a large cave - it was an ideal place for lunch - the 
rain had stopped and the sun was shinning!

After lunch we soon gained the Red Rocks traverse ridge and followed it 
north for the rest of the day. This involved some excellent rock 
scrambling and truly outstanding views. Camp that night was had in "The 
Room" - a very sheltered campsite completely surrounded by pagodas. At 
nightfall a few bottles of wine and spirits were produced - and a 
pleasant evening was had.

Sunday brought more mainly fine weather - and we continued along a 
rugged ridge that was dissected by a series of chasms. Careful route 
finding was needed. After lunch, we descended back down to the valley 
by way of an amazing slot canyon.

Our trip back to the city was again broken by a stop for dinner at 
Gardeners Inn once more.

A very enjoyable walk was had by all.

Dave Noble

David Noble
dnoble at ozemail.com.au

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