[SUBW-A] Trip report: Kanuka Brook, Sunday May 25th 2003

Greg Smith g_smith at arch.usyd.edu.au
Fri May 30 10:30:51 AEST 2003

Party: Tim Davis, Danny Yee, Lucy Pal, Clementia Yuen, Camilla Ip, Chris 
Johns, Greg Smith (leader)

We met at Glenbrook railway station at the appointed time after much rain 
overnight. Some of the party arrived at Glenbrook an hour early. I suspect 
this was more to do with wanting to visit the bakery than my request "don't 
be late". At any rate, the rain had stopped by the time we started walking 
and didn't return for the entire day. Indeed it wasn't long before blue sky 
was visible. 

Walking to the end of Wright St, we took the track down to the Blue Pool. At 
this point there was a misunderstanding about crossing Glenbrook Creek, so 
eventually we all wandered down the track to The Causeway where the local 
Bush Fire Brigade were practicing refilling their tanker. 

Crossing Camp Fire Creek at its junction with Glenbrook Creek, we climbed a 
gentle spur to the north east up onto the ridge top for elevenses. This area 
was burned two Decembers ago and has now renerated enough that it is very 
green, but not to the thick scrub that used to be there. So we followed the 
ridge tops where walking off track is now a pleasure. After some simple 
navigation the desired creek gulley was found. This gulley runs into Kanuka 
Brook about 1km upstream of Glenbrook Creek. We scrambled down the rock 
filled gulley and stopped for lunch on a large flat rock just short of Kanuka 
Brook. I suspect that this rock would make a nice waterfall if there was 
enough rain.

After lunch we completed the descent and commenced walking down along the 
south side of Kanuka Brook. There used to be a very clear track here, but as 
with many tracks in this area, the erosion after the fires returned much of 
it back to nature. I suspect, though, that it won't be long before a track 
appears again.

Arriving at Glenbrook Creek, a short break was had observing the creek. Of 
particular interest was a periodic sequence of bubbles in the middle of the 
creek. I have no idea what it was - it looked like an animal except that 
nothing ever surfaced. Maybe it was something less romantic like something 
decomposing. At any rate, we crossed the creek and ascended the faint track 
up the spur. This joins the track that mountain bikers now use when they do 
the St Helena ride. Following the track back to the railway line, we took the 
faint track that goes around to the houses at Park St (rather than climb over 
the fence at the railway line). From the end of that track it is only a few 
hundred metres back to the railway station. All up, an enjoyable day.

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