[SUBW-A] Trip report - Krungle Bungle Range

Roger Butler R.Butler at lake.com
Thu Nov 13 08:22:25 AEDT 2003

Dates: 1-2 November 2003
Party: Christina Owens, Tom Mactier, Roger Butler

After a late night at Richard's party, Tom and I met at Strathfield at the
unreasonably early hour of 6:30 on Saturday morning.  We made great time to
Blackheath, where we met Christina, and were soon trundling down Breakfast
Creek from Carlon's Farm.  We met another party who'd descended some random
ridge from Knight's Deck the night before and were looking a little the
worse for wear.  There were another two parties lunching on the Cox's River,
so we continued a short way downstream and found a pristine beach for our
lunch.  A warm fire kept the wind at bay but still wasn't enough to entice
us into the shallow water for a swim.

We continued downstream, crossing the river a few times.  There were fields
of orange flowers in bloom that looked like tulips.  We hoped they were
native but suspected they weren't.  After a couple of kilometres, we stopped
alongside Gasper's Buttress and considered our options.  We could laze
around by the river enjoying the rest of the afternoon, or we could slog up
a great hill to Mt Jenolan.  Of course, we chose the latter option.
Christina told us how slow she would be but then proceeded to climb the 900
vertical metres in under 3 hours, with a full weekend pack and water.  The
summit of Mt Jenolan is totally unimpressive, with no views or campsites.
So we continued down the range a short way and set up camp in the fading

After a very long day, we were glad to rest by the glowing embers of a
campfire.  The evening was relaxed and very pleasant.  The strong wind had
abated over dinner and started up again just as the last marshmallow was
toasted.  It was a fine night and we settled down for a long sleep by the

Since we'd covered so much distance the day before, there was no need for an
early start on Sunday.  We ambled down the range, led confidently and
accurately by Christina who'd honed her skills at the recent navigation day.
Towards the bottom, Tom was adamant that we wouldn't be climbing over the
last small hill, and instead sent us straight down the side of the ridge.
It was open and made for a very rapid descent.  Tom was so quick that we
found him cooling his smoking feet in the Cox's at the bottom.

We pushed on back to the Breakfast Creek junction, where we had a leisurely
lunch as a light rain began to fall.  We put up a fly and it stopped
immediately.  Our route led us back over Ironpot Hill and we raced up trying
to avoid the menacing weather coming up the valley towards us.  It pelted us
briefly with heavy rain but soon passed.  Tom dried his clothes over another
fire at the top, where we stopped for two well-deserved cups of tea.  Rain
began for the third time as we walked through the farm and then settled in
for the night.  But from the warmth of the Gardner's Inn, it didn't matter.

It was lucky that we'd had our fill because the drive to Katoomba from
Blackheath took almost an hour.  A bad accident had closed the highway.  It
was a satisfying and rewarding walk with great company in a beautiful,
remote area.

Tom's photos here:

Mine here:
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