[SUBW-A] (Unofficial) Trip report: Angorawa Creek day walk (Wollemi NP) - Sat 15th Nov 03

Anthony Dunk AnthonyD at rocketmail.com
Sun Nov 16 20:53:59 AEDT 2003

Even though this wasn't a SUBW trip I thought some club members might
be interested.

Party: Anthony, Sven, Lance, Natasha, Emma

Having left one car a few kms down the Grassy Hill fire trail, we
started the walk from Drip Rock fire trail at 11:30am. The weather was
hot - in the 30's - and the sun baked down on us.

After a few kms walking along the fire trail we turned off to the right
and followed the ridges down to Angorawa Creek. The country was nice
and open after the big fires which went through a couple of years ago.
We stopped along the way to admire some Aboriginal art in a cave which
we had heard about.

Once at Angorawa Creek we refilled our water bottles and headed
upstream a little way. We then decided to climb directly up about 150
metres to a contour which we could follow around to an old logging
trail. This was straightforward enough except for the usual small
cliffs which the 20 metre contours hide. However a pass was easy to
find. Once at the higher level, the walking was pretty easy in the open

We found the old logging trail and started to follow it just as total
darkness fell. Out came the torches! The trail was overgrown in places
- with plenty of lawyer or wait-a-while vine. Fallen trees and
wash-outs added to our troubles. On the positive side, some cute fire
flys were hovering over the track emitting bright pulses of light.

Pretty soon we lost the old track and after stumbling around for a
while we sat down in frustration. Talk started turning to lighting a
camp fire and staying the night. But just then Sven called out that he
had found the track again - and we sitting were right on it!!

Following the old bulldozer scar on the uphill side of the logging
track was easy enough from then on and we pushed our way along the
track at a painfully slow pace in the torch light. Eventually the track
started to climb up the hill. With great relief the track improved to a
drivable 4WD track and then we were on the ridge top. It was a
beautiful warm night and the stars were shining brightly.

>From here on it was just a long fire trail slog back to the car. Our
leg muscles were trashed from the day of walking in sweltering heat,
but we still had water and with ample rest breaks we eventually made
it. Setting a new personal record for lateness - but one not to be
proud of - we arrived back at the car at 1:30am. The total distance
walked was about 18 km.


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