[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Royal National Park, 09/11/2003

Juliette Bal dybulle at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 21 13:28:20 AEDT 2003

Participants: Mal, Roger, Davis (not sure I got the name completely right though, sorry if there's a mistake), Clementia, Michele, 2 other ladies I can't remember the name (sorry again) and Juliette

Where: North end of the Royal National Park, from Bundeena to little Marley Beach and back to Bundeena via Port Hacking point and its aboriginal engravings

When: on the 9th of November, a sunny day despite the not so positive weather forecast. Mal had had some pity for those in exams, although he still dared to propose a walk right in the middle of them ;-) and we only met at half past ten at the Ferry wharf, nice and late for a walk!

So, we met at the Ferry Wharf in Cronulla and took the Ferry to Bundeena. We then head off to the coastal track where we enjoyed the sun and beautiful views of white rocks standing out against the blue sky and water. It has been very hard to prevent Roger from running to the first beach on the track and take a bath there but we managed to wait till little Marley. There weren't that many people on the beach and it was quite nice to have lunch there, after.... guess what.... a bath, of course! We stayed there for a while and then took the same track back to the junction just before 'the cobblers' where one of us had to go (the perspective of playing waterpolo has been stronger than that of seing the rock engravings - hope you won at least!). But before that, we saw a huge snake on the way, a Royal Python if I got it right, black with a yellow belly, and so big I would have been really scared if they hadn't been sure it wasn't venimous. It was scary anyway, and was also the first snake I ever saw in Australia or in France (obviously!). After that nice interlude, we head off to the Cobblers and Port Hacking Point, with nice views on the city and Cronulla Beach and clouds beginning to hide the sun. However, it was still nice to walk along Jibbon beach where a huge catamaran had been waiting for us to depart. Hopefully, the Ferry would wait for us too! With only one Ferry per hour, Mal was worried that he would miss the Rugby games going on that night. And which rugby games! France vs. Scottland and England vs. Ireland (if I remember well). Okay, we've lost now, but at the time, it was pretty exciting ;-). And as if the Ferry 'driver' has heard Mal, he also waited for us. We helped him a bit though, run for a while (but not too much ;-)), so fast that Clementia must have wondered where we had disapeared when she did not see us anymore! Anyway, we got the Ferry, got the Train soon after, and head back to the civilisation. 

It was a great day out, and I enjoyed it so much that I'm going back there for the week-end. Maybe we'll be lucky again and get some sun although today's weather is not very promising!

And for those who want to see some pictures, Roger put his on the internet under the following link:

www.netsnapshot.com/pcw/getpw-cgi?&ACCOUNT=12140&KEY=27 password "guests".


PS: Sorry for being a bit late... It just took time to get my dictionary out of the cartons after I move :-)

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