[SUBW-A] Trip Report: Ski Touring for Wimps 2/7 - 4/7

Jan Hu hujxc at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 5 18:32:10 AEST 2004

Date: 2/7/04 - 4/7/04
Party: Cameron, Tarrin, Daniel, Chantel, Me.
2/7 Friday
After a night a Berridale and a brief stopover at Jindabyne, we arrived
at Guthega car park at 10am. It was sunny and there was a light breeze
but nothing like the forecast suggested. Relieved, we began our journey
to Twynam creek at 11:45am.
We had a snack break at the spur just past Blue Cow Creek. As expected
there were lots of snow, albeit a bit too slushy to our liking. We then
skied along Snowy River to Illawong Hut Bridge where we had our lunch.
The weather held up well and we were looking forward to some great
skiing today and tomorrow.
The flat area around Twynam Creek and Snowy River junction appeared
exposed so we spent some time looking for a more sheltered camp site but
that exercise proved futile. By 4pm we decided to set camp on the
original spot (an icy little knoll about 300m short of the 1712m peak). 
Dinner was served on our snow block table soon after dark, where we
observed the full moon rising over the horizon. Some wine and chit-chat
later, Daniel went for a ski while the rest of us retired to our tent.
3/7 Saturday
During breakfast a hairy believed-to-be Austrian/German snowboarder came
past our site and told us that snow around the 1712m peak wasn't too
bad. Aparently he was touring alone and set out from Guthega at 5pm last
nigth, and it's time for him to return to Guthega for some breakfast
then maybe come back out. Nice!
After breakfast we skied to the 1712m slope for some runs. Much of the
flatter area still has hard packed snow with firm crust (probably due to
the recent winds) and where there's a bit of skiiable consistency it's
on a steep slope. Nonetheless it's good opportunity for some demanding
xc training.
We returned to our camp site for lunch at noon time. By 2pm the wind has
picked up significantly. While Daniel and I ventured out to the other
side of Twynam Creek in search of more powder, Cameron built an
impressive snow wall around his tent. When we returned, we decided the
wind seemed to be getting stronger and so more walls were built, this
time around the other two tents. Before we know it, by dinner time
Cam/Tarrin/Dan have built a massive wall 1.5m tall on both sides of
Tarrin's tent entrance, complete with a built in wine tap (a recessed
area that hold a wine cask) and a cupholder. And it works! Tarrin has an
mpeg movie to prove it.
And so under the gray sky, the wind persisted and darkness soon dawned
upon us amidst the howling hurricanes. Tonight the full moon was no
where to be seen until much later. The wall stood up nice and firm and
dinner and dessert were served in relative protection from the element.
After dark Daniel insisted to do some more tabogganing with the snow
4/7 Sunday
It rained/sleeted early in the morning. I was hoping for some fresh snow
but now it's all crud. After breakfast we skied/snowshoed back to
Guthega carpark, this time it only take us just a bit over 2 hours. We
had a quick lunch at Guthega and departed at around 2pm. 
A fun weekend enjoyed by all. Judging by the amount of food we had
(wasabi peas anyone?) and the amount of exercise we did (what
exercise?), we sure lived up well to the trip's "for wimps" reputation.
We shall be back in a couple of weeks time for some telemarking at the
resort. This time hopefully it's my turn to ride on Cameron's
company-sponsored car.
My fotos: http://community.webshots.com/album/159540049eWvxKs
Tarrin's fotos: http://skaldic.arts.usyd.edu.au/ph.cgi?list=event
<http://skaldic.arts.usyd.edu.au/ph.cgi?list=event&show=ETBT> &show=ETBT
Jan Hu
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