[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Grand Canyon, 30th May 2004

Marcelle Gannon marcelle_gannon at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jun 1 09:28:00 AEST 2004

Party: Marcelle, Jackie, Meg, Megan, Dave, Joseph,

The weather reports had not been encouraging ... a
minimum of 1 and maximum of 9, throughout the whole
week, was not looking good for a pleasant day out in
the mountains!  However the day was crystal clear, not
a cloud in the sky, and even somewhat warm, while
wearing 3 layers of clothing, standing in the sun,
having just walked up a hill.  The views however were
truly spectacular.

For a change, the trains were actually running, and so
most of the party happily travelled to Blackheath. 
Meg and Jackie who missed the train zipped out to my
place in taxis and came in the car.  The importance of
supressing your accent was clearly shown by the
difference in taxi travel times from Central & Glebe -
Meg came along Parramatta Rd in about 5 mins.  Jackie
took the scenic route via Darling Harbour, Anzac
Bridge and City West Link - time about 15 mins ...
watch out for those taxi drivers!!!  I was happy for a
bit more of a rest though, having been awakened at
4:15am by a series of prank calls and empty text
messages from an trip member who claimed to have the

Blackheath was very chilly, so beanies and scarves
were piled on.  I shuttled the group out to Evans
Lookout where the views were outstanding (as were the
number of VWs assembled in one carpark!).  We then
walked down to the Grand Canyon via Neates Glen,
admiring the great rocks and spectacular chasm of the
canyon.  The sides of the hills were considerably less
green than I had remembered, having been burnt a
couple of years ago.  

We pushed on to Beauchamp Falls for lunch. The falls
were running, though not particularly heavily, and the
view down the valley was excellent.  The Rodriguez
Pass track up to Govetts Leap was closed due to a
landslide so we walked back up to Evans Lookout,
pausing near the top to admire a lyrebird and chat
with a local.  We arrived back at the cars at a
fortuitous 2:10pm, so trundled along the cliff top
walk towards Govetts Leap, again with great views.  We
narrowly missed the 4:13pm train so were forced to
hang out around the fire at the Gardners till 6pm. 
The hardier drinkers in the group agreed to reconvene
at 8:30pm in Glebe to continue the party!  A couple of
ladies in my car who shall remain nameless made it to
just before Blaxland before requesting a break behind
a tree.

It's possible to do this walk without a car.  There is
a shuttle bus from Blackheath though I'm not sure how
it works, you'd have to check with the council.  It's
about 5km walk from the station to the lookout, so if
you left enough time it could easily be done in a day,
just with 10km extra walking than we did.  

Thanks to everyone who came and I hope to see you all
again on another trip!


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