[SUBW-A] Trip Report - Paddy Pallin Rogaine, June 20

Marcelle Gannon marcelle_gannon at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 21 10:22:22 AEST 2004


Girls Team: Sam, Meri, Eva and Marcelle.
Boys Team: Tom, Yves and Cameron.
French Team: Juliette and Julien.
Fast Team: Jo and Christian.

This year's Paddy Pallin 6 hour rogaine was held at
Upper Colo Reserve, about 40 mins from Windsor.  As
the event started at 9am we camped on Saturday night,
having met at the Macquarie Arms and then moved to
Maldini's for some excellent pasta and steaks. Here we
ran into Sabrina and her team, who were so impressed
with the dinner that they packed the leftovers for

There were more than 200 teams competing this year. 
Maps were issued at 7am, though it was a bit chilly at
that time to really get into route planning!  The
hills were significant (up to 200m climbs) and the
creeks deep, not to mention the Colo River which cut
its way through the course!  We planned a route which
called for a crossing of the river at the start (an
easy shoes-off wade) and a couple of steep climbs,
then a lot of good ridge walking.  

As we went along it became apparent that some of our
route choices were not so good (some low-value side
trips should have been avoided) but the basic plan was
pretty effective, especially when we picked up the
pace a bit.  The two creek-junction checkpoints which
are so often a tangled mess were quite easy, though
the climb out (200m, including numerous scrambles) was
pretty tiring!  The views from the top were very
rewarding. The scrub was quite easy going due to the
fires in 2002, so progress off-track was quick.  The
weather was beautiful and sunny though not too hot,
perfect rogaining weather.

As usual our route plan was a tiny bit ambitious and
so we had to run part of the way home.  The views from
the last section (Comleroy Rd) overlooked the Colo
River and were excellent, though we did not have time
to appreciate them!  Our last task was to cross the
river, which required a bit of a scrub bash (on a
faint track), a leap into the river, and a frantic
scrub bash out, a very pleasant way to end a hot walk!
 We emerged just near the finish line with about 3
mins to go, and 790 points.

Christian and Jo were already back at the cars, having
arrived a few minutes earlier with a very respectable
1070 points.  We all got quickly changed as the air
was quite cool and we were quite wet from the dash
across the river.  We were watching the clock, waiting
for the return of the Boys Team who we had last seen 2
hrs earlier heading in the wrong direction!  19 mins
late (190 point penalty) they arrived, and have
requested that their final score not be published.
There was still no sign of Juliette and Julien, who
eventually rolled up at about 33 mins, disqualified
for their lateness. They had had a fantastic day out
enjoying the bush so didn't mind too much.  

Late lunch (vegetable soup and sausages) was much
enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately none of us won any of
the spot prizes, and we did not get any of the
trophies, which included a walking stick for the
Veteran (40+) category.  The winning score was 1710

The next event is the Lake Macquarie 6 and 12 hour on
the 28th August. No experience is necessary, and I can
show you the basics of navigation before the event.
Let me know if you would like to compete. See
www.nswrogaining.org for details.


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