[SUBW-A] Formation of an incorporated association

Mitchell Isaacs mitch at outdoorgenius.com
Mon Jul 7 20:01:04 AEST 2008

Dear all,

It has been discussed informally for several years, but we have
finally got the paperwork in order for the formation of an
incorporated association. This means we would form a legal body under
NSW state laws, which we would then affiliate with the NSW
Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs. Insurance would then be obtained
from the confederation.

Note, we are not incorporating the Sydney University Bushwalkers,
instead, we are forming a new Association, which will be known as
"Suboir United  Bushwalkers Incorporated", or SUBW. This association
will not be affiliated with the University. However:
- Members of the Sydney University Bushwalkers (SUBW) will be eligible
for free membership of the incorporated association (Suboir inc) (but
will not be insured by it).
- One of the aims of Suboir inc will be to "support and foster the
activities of SUBW"
- The President of SUBW will automatically be installed in the
position of Vice President of Suboir inc, unless they are elected to
the position of President.

Some other notes:
- membership will be $30, which will include insurance and affiliation
with the Confederation
- Uni students and those with Access cards should, as a preference,
join SUBW - as it will have more benefits and be cheaper.
- I've attached draft rules for the Association. These are based on
both Model Rules supplied by the office of fair trading (there are a
number of legal requirements that we had to meet), and the SUBW
constitution, with a few modifications. I welcome comments and
feedback on these.
- This hasn't been done "secretly", however it has intentionally been
done quietly, so that the process could occur quickly and smoothly. A
number of people have been discussing this over the last few weeks, I
haven't tried to hide this from anyone, however I will be submitting
the paperwork to the Office of Fair Trading this week, so please hurry
if you have feedback. The sooner the paperwork is submitted, the
sooner we are eligible for insurance.

Please let me know if you plan or would like to be a member of this
Association, which is designed to run alongside SUBW, and participate
in joint activities. Even if in principle, we will need to have some
idea of potential membership so we can easily complete our insurance
paperwork. This does not include Access card holders who will join
SUBW - as your paperwork is handled separately.

Any other comments or discussion is welcome. Please remember, that
this will not destroy or eliminate any structure already in place -
rather it will supplement and strengthen them, allowing anyone to walk
with Suboir Inc as a fully insured member.

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