[SUBW-A] Beginners canyoning weekend - Sept 25/26

Tim Vollmer tim.vollmer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 21:21:57 AEST 2010

G'day all,

After a few false starts I am locking in a weekend for a beginners  
canyoning trip. This is the perfect introduction to canyoning, even if  
you have never even abseiled before. T1 and Joshua have generously  
agreed to help run it, but we would appreciate one or two more  
leaders. Numbers of beginners will be strictly limited and they will  
be tied to the number of leaders and what we view as a manageable  
size. Please do not tell me you are coming unless you are 100% locked  
in, as pulling out at the last minute on these kind of trips is  
severely frowned upon (and may impact on your ability to get a place  
on future trips).

The (rough) plan:

We will be driving out on the Saturday morning to a camp site on the  
Wolgan Plateau. We will be operating out of base camp next to the  
cars, so feel free to bring plenty of luxuries (by this I mean booze,  
food, cuban cigars etc. I don't mean iPod's, radios or portable  

On Saturday we will do some abseiling practice on some cliffs nearby.  
You will have plenty of time to do a number of drops to ensure you are  
comfortable with abseiling before we enter any canyons. We will also  
do a nearby canyon that is a walk through (no abseiling required).

On Sunday we will travel down a very popular and relatively easy  
canyon nearby. It involves a number of small abseils to get your  
confidence up, finishing with a stunning 25m abseil into a  
particularly beautiful canyon section. If we finish this canyon with  
enough time we will do a short side trip down another nearby canyon  
which is not very long, but it is incredibly narrow.

All three are 'dry canyons', although in one you will need to wade  
through water that is usually about knee deep in places. If you fall  
you can get wetter!


I will provide ropes. Financial members of SUBW will have access to  
harnesses and descenders belonging to the club. Being a financial  
member also means you are covered by the club's insurance policy.

What you will need:

Overnight camping gear (sleeping bag, sleeping mat, warm clothes, head  
torch, water, food etc). A tent if you have one, but I will bring a  
couple so there will be plenty of space. Shoes with good grip  
(canyoners generally wear Volleys. They cost $20, have great grip on  
wet rock, and you don't feel bad about wrecking them). Some money for  
a beer / feed at a pub on the way home and to flick your driver some  
petrol money if you are getting a lift.

If you want to attend please send me the following information:

* name
* mobile phone number
* suburb you are traveling from
* a little info about your level of experience
* whether you have your own abseiling gear or will need club gear

If you aren't sure about what canyoning involves, please have a read  
of: http://fatcanyoners.org/canyoning/ . Feel free to call or email me  
if you have any further questions. I will be away this weekend, but I  
will respond on my return.


Tim Vollmer
Mob: 0404 273 313
Email: tim.vollmer at gmail.com
Web: www.fatcanyoners.org/

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