[SUBW-A] Not the PBT

Roger Lembit gingra at ozemail.com.au
Mon Sep 13 20:10:46 AEST 2010

I am planning a trip the weekend before the PBT - either to the 
southern bluies or the Main Range.

The trip will take place over 3 days leaving the evening of 23rd 
Thursday September and returning
on Sunday 26th.

If I opt for a southern bluies trip the route will be Kanangra - 
Pages Pinnacle - Crafts Ridge -
Gingra Creek - Ti Willa Plateau - Cloudmaker - Kanangra. In deference 
to the real PBT, the trip
will not visit the Kowmung.

My alternative would be a Main Rnage trip starting from Guthega.

Any participants would need to experienced overnight walkers (or 
cross country skiers if Main Range trip)
used to climbing southern bluies ridges.

If interested please reply by return email or text to my mobile.


0427 779925

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