[SUBW-A] PBT 2011- Morong Deep

Helen Smith hsmi7628 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 16:47:16 AEST 2011

Thanks to everyone who already expressed interest in the PBT. There is still
space for more people if interested.

Due to an unforunate injury involving a pair of cross country skies and a
hill, I won't be able to press on regardless (of knee) injury with a knee
brace and crutches. The unanemous decision is that you can't hold a PBT
somewhere that the President can't go, so instead we're moving the PBT to
somewhere that is MORE easily accessible!

We're proposing to go to Morong Deep. This is still on the Kowmung River,
but the walk in is easier (and potentially 4 WDrivable). There is a camping
ground approximately 2hours walk in, and plenty of options for exploring
along the river (canyoning etc.). There are also plenty of options for
more-hard-core walking in along different ridges if some other experienced
people are willing to lead sub-groups of people.

The crux is that this trip will probably be more of a 'bludge' trip than

I will sent out an email towards the end of the week to begin organising
cars in case I hear back from significantly more people after this email.

Looking forward to it!

Helen Margherita Smith
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