[SUBW-A] Beginner canyoning trips next week

David Lee melochar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 10:23:21 AEST 2011

These trips are now full. If you want to go on a waiting list in case
someone pulls out, let me know.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 9:39 AM, David Lee <melochar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> There was a surprising amount of interest mid-week, so there will be three
> trips.
> Wednesday and friday are already full! I have two spaces left on the monday
> trip!
>   *Monday* *Wednesday* *Friday*  Phil Maynard Chantal Rob Jones  Claire
> Hardgrove Melanie Nikhil Tewari  David D'Alessandro Bjorn Nikhils friend
> Casa Jiri Alexandra Richardson
> Wilmo Patrick Luk
> Pete Raines? Casa
> All three trips will meet at 7:30AM at STRATHFIELD station (on the
> roundabout on the north side)
> Call or text me (0408 806 997) if you are going to be late, or we will not
> wait for you.
> We will all pile in my car and drive to the canyon, stopping for breakfast
> at a bakery along the way.
> After the canyon, we will return to Sydney, possibly stopping for dinner on
> the way, depending on the time.
> If you asked to borrow gear, I will bring it along. If you cannot find your
> own wetsuit, please bring thermals or a WOOLEN jumper that you don't mind
> getting wet.
>  I will try and bring wetsuits for those that asked for them, but I cannot
> promise they will fit well :)
> You will also need to bring:
> Sunscreen.
> Dry shoes clothes for in the car
> Clothes to get wet in the canyon (something to wear over the top of the
> wetsuit to protect it)
> Shoes to get wet in the canyon. NO BOOTS, CROCS, or THONGS!! .dunlop
> volleys are best, but any enclosed shoe with good grip will do (old
> running/tennis shoes are fine)
> a 1 Litre water bottle
> Lunch and snacks for in the canyon
> a small backpack to carry your stuff (this will get wet!)
> Money for breakfast, dinner, and petrol (petrol won't be more than $10
> each)
> I will bring Drybags for waterproofing, but if you have you own, please
> bring them too.
> If you bring a camera, make sure you have a way to waterproof it.
> If you cannot come anymore, let me know so I can give your spot to someone
> else.
> Thanks,
> Dave
> 04008 806 997

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