[SUBW-A] Thai Lunch

Chantal Bronkhorst chantalbronkhorst3 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 09:46:26 AEST 2011

Dear paddlers... and...... wait for it.... wait for it.... SUBW!

I know this email is rather delayed. (Lets blame mid semester break. --It's
been a though half a semester at uni.)

BUT! Never the less, Thai lunch is on again today, Tuesday the 27th of
September. So, if you are hungry at 1pm and have $6.50 to spare, come along
to Newtown Thai II (105 King Street, Newtown).

Today is extra special, since we are inviting SUBW along to our weekly. Why
you ask?
1. SUBW is awesome and SUCANOE is aweome.... so it makes sense that we have
lunch together.
2. SUBW can go shopping together for the PBT after thai lunch... (Helen to
send more details in next email)

See you at thai lunch homies where *"we can stay up late swap manly stories
& in the mornin, IM MAKIN WAFFLES!"*. -- okay bad Shrek reference. It had to
be done though.


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