[SUBW-A] [SUBW] New trip: Nude bushwalk -- complete with yoga, pilates (hopefully), sunbaking and skinny-dipping (11/03/2013)

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G'day folks,

Given there are 140 new members who have signed up to the club since I put this trip on the list, I thought I'd resend it. I figured it might appeal to a few of the more adventurous new recruits (or just those who like to push their boundaries and try new things). Currently we have almost 10 people coming, so it should be fun, but we can squeeze in a few more.


On 23/02/2013, at 10:22 AM, Tim Vollmer wrote:

I just entered a new trip to the walks programme.

Nude bushwalk -- complete with yoga, pilates (hopefully), sunbaking and skinny-dipping

Leader:Tim Vollmer
Email:tim.vollmer at gmail.com
Trip website:http://subw.kseiler.de/members/tripDetailsPublic.php?tripid=92
G'day folks, 

I've organised a few nude bushwalks over the last year, and for this one I'm hoping to combine all the best elements of those into one spectacular day in the bush!

This one is happening on Monday 11 March. It has been inspired by our last trip to Paradise (http://fatcanyoners.org/2012/11/22/nude-paradise/), where May ran a nude yoga class on the sandy beach. So this trip will also include a guided yoga session (fairly easy, so I can do it) and there is also the strong possibility of some pilates being run by Mary. Both these guys are professional teachers, so they really know their stuff! 

The actual bushwalk will be about 1.5 hours each way, along a remote but reasonably maintained bush track. It will take us down through a range of ecological communities from the sandstone ridgetops to an expansive river. Here there is a large swimming hole, large sandy beach, and (hopefully) plenty of sunshine. We'll spend a few hours swimming, lunching, and generally frolicking. You'll also have the chance to do some nude yoga and (probably) some nude pilates (I keep saying probably because Mary leaves the country three days after this walk, so may be a last minute cancellation). 

After the wonderful vibe at the recent Festival of the Canyon at Mt Wilson, I've also been inspired to open this walk up to other clubs so we can hopefully get a good crowd of like-minded people. 

Tell me more about this nude bushwalking caper: 

We'll, one of the great things about bushwalking is that you get back to nature. When you do it with other people, you also get a chance to connect with people from a much wider range of backgrounds and experiences than you do in ordinary life. 

Doing it nude actually increases both those things. When I walk nude, I find my senses go into overdrive. I become so much more tactile, instinctively feeling the bark of the trees, the rocks, the moss, the differently textured leaves. I also love the feeling of the sun and the breeze on my skin. Even the smells of the bush seem to become richer. Nudity also breaks down the barriers between people. There is an honesty and openness that comes from stripping away such a central social barrier as our clothing. 

But probably the best sales pitch is to have a look at the trip reports from a few of our other naked walks and make your mind up yourself: 


This walk is a little weather dependent. While it will go ahead in a range of conditions, if it gets really wet or cold running up to it, we may call it off. 

It does require a decent drive to get to the start of the walk, so we will need to carpool from a train station. That means that numbers may be restricted based on how many cars we have access to. 

You'll need to bring all the usual bushwalking items. Good shoes (unless you're really keen), water, food, sunscreen, a hat etc. I'll also take clothes with me, in the pack, just in case we stumble on a group of scouts camping by the river and need to cover up! You'll also need a towel, not only to dry off after the swim, but to use as a yoga mat on the sand. 

If you get there and feel a little self-conscious, there will be no obligation to walk nude, although once you give it a go you'll be surprised how natural it feels! 

If you're curious, but a little unsure, feel free to email me with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 

If you do want to come, send me an email with your name, contact number, suburb you are coming from, and if you will be driving.
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