[SUBW-A] New trip: Beginners' Navigation Weekend, upper Wollangambe, Blue Mountains (24/05/2014)

Ashley Burke aburke at ozemail.com.au
Sun Apr 27 18:02:44 AEST 2014

I just entered a new trip to the walks programme.

*Beginners' Navigation Weekend, upper Wollangambe, Blue Mountains*

Leader:Ashley Burke
Email:[LINK: mailto:aburke at ozemail.com.au?subject=Beginners' Navigation
Weekend, upper Wollangambe, Blue Mountains] aburke at ozemail.com.au
This trip is for people interested and keen to learn how to find their way
through the bush with map and compass and is now being held for the 9th
year in a row.

Beginners and new members are welcome.

It is a full weekend trip where we carry all our gear and food and camp
overnight in a picturesque sandstone labyrinth.

NOTE: The area where this trip will be held was burnt last year in the
Lithgow Mines fire so we will be walking through recently burnt bushland
and scrub.

We will leave Sydney early on Saturday morning (7am at the latest) and will
return to Sydney on Sunday evening, around 5pm.

The aim of the weekend is to provide the opportunity for people to learn
and practise navigation with map and compass in a real bush environment
where navigation skills are essential.

You'll learn how to use your map and compass to work out your position,
identify landscape features around you and to plot a course to our camp

On the Saturday evening we will enjoy an evening around a warm campfire in
a sheltered location.

I have created an online navigation course on my web page and this is what
you'll be putting into practise on the weekend:


On the above web page you can also review trip reports and photos from
previous navigation weekends. This will give you an idea of what we'll be

No prior experience is necessary, however you will need to bring your own
walking/camping gear, your own map and your own compass.

You'll need to carry your own pack with food and camping gear for the
weekend. For information on what you need to bring, go here:


Please contact me by email if you're interested in coming, and to assist
with organisation please answer the questions concerning car pooling,
previous experience, and any gear that you may not have or need to borrow.


Ashley Burke
Email: aburke at ozemail.com.au
Internet: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~aburke

To join this trip, please go to the [LINK:
http://subw.kseiler.de/members/tripDetailsPublic.php?tripid=306] trip
announcement on the SUBW website. For any other questions, please contact
me directly.

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