[SUBW-A] New trip: Bushwalkers' Show and Tell "PUBW" in Vic Park (05/11/2014)

Sierra Classen scla4121 at uni.sydney.edu.au
Sun Oct 12 08:29:41 AEDT 2014

I just entered a new trip to the walks programme.

*Bushwalkers' Show and Tell "PUBW" in Vic Park*

Leader:Sierra Classen
Email:[LINK: mailto:scla4121 at uni.sydney.edu.au?subject=Bushwalkers' Show
and Tell "PUBW" in Vic Park] scla4121 at uni.sydney.edu.au
This PUBW will be in Vic Park. You are hearing about this early so that you
can get your show and tell objects together.

Show and Tell is a classic game. Most of us have played it before. Each
person should bring 1-3 objects either collected from a trip or related to
bushwalking and the outdoors. We will go around the group and everyone will
have a chance to tell about their object. You can bring books, articles,
and your own writing or drawing relating to bushwalking and wilderness,

There will be drinks and snacks for all.

I will be bringing maps to help us plan trips for the summer with special
emphasis on Gardens of Stone National Park, since I am encouraging a
Gardens of Stone themed walks programme this November/December (email me
for more info about this).

Before this PUBW, at 4pm, there will be a visit to the gear locker, so if
you would like to return any gear, you can arrive early to PUBW and take
advantage. Please let me know closer to the date if that is the case.

To join this trip, please go to the [LINK:
http://subw.kseiler.de/members/tripDetailsPublic.php?tripid=374] trip
announcement on the SUBW website. For any other questions, please contact
me directly.

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