[SUBW-A] Aussie Bird Count 19-25 October

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I got this mail from the Central West Bushwalking Club (Wayne) and thought that maybe people in SUBW would be interested:

Hi members

I know a lot of members are also keen bird observers. Next week is National Bird Week and with that there is a bird count on the birds you see in your back yard. To participate go to aussiebirdcount.org.au <https://support.birdlife.org.au/page.redir?target=http%3a%2f%2faussiebirdcount.org.au&srcid=31870&srctid=1&erid=2124948&trid=5eb83d4d-75a3-4772-91de-9529c9bacbd9>. You can also look at the birdlife.org.au <applewebdata://C3B97DC8-CE54-4794-9516-01AE210024CD/birdlife.org.au> website for more detailed information on birds.


Aussie Backyard Bird Count

You don't have to be a professional birdwatcher or twitcher to enjoy watching the birds around you, and with National Bird Week 2015 coming up, BirdLife Australia needs all types of birdwatchers on the lookout for birds in their backyards. The 2014 Aussie Backyard Bird Count involved more than 28,000 people from across Australia who helped count more than 800,000 birds. This year our target is 1 million - and with your help we can get there.

The whole family can be involved. No matter what age or experience all you need is 20 minutes, your favourite outdoor space, and some keen eyesight or binoculars. Simply record the birds you know and look up those you don't on the updated Aussie Bird Count app or website. You'll see live statistics and information on who is taking part near you and the number of birds and species counted across your neighbourhood and the whole of Australia!

Check out the event calendar as well to find out what is happening for Bird Week in your neck of the woods. BirdLife branches, local councils and community groups have lots of things planned! If you are in Melbourne, drop in to Federation Square on the 13th of October and visit our pop-up garden as we launch this year's count!

To join the count visit aussiebirdcount.org.au <https://support.birdlife.org.au/page.redir?target=http%3a%2f%2faussiebirdcount.org.au&srcid=31870&srctid=1&erid=2124948&trid=5eb83d4d-75a3-4772-91de-9529c9bacbd9>
We will be back sharing findings from the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, and our regular Backyard Bird surveys in the next edition.



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