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Rebecca Hawkins rhaw1918 at uni.sydney.edu.au
Fri Aug 18 14:47:38 AEST 2017

Hi everyone,

Coming up next week, we will have two great opportunities to promote SUBW to new members. To make the most of this, I would like to encourage anyone who is considering running a trip in the next few weeks, to post up the announcement this weekend.

I will be recommending SUBW and 2-3 specific upcoming walks in a newsletter that will go to 300+ people on Monday August 21st. The paper newsletter will be handed out from 12pm Monday, and people can also access a mobile version with a directly-clickable link to the SUBW website. It would be fantastic to have a whole bunch of upcoming trips already there to see when they click on the link, and get them excited to join right away.

Then, on Saturday August 26th, we are running the Open Day stall, to introduce the club to prospective students. Here again, displaying several different upcoming trips on the website will help get people excited about the club.

We have a great chance next week to get people involved in SUBW who might never have heard of us, or who missed us on O Week, so thanks in advance for getting on board!


Rebecca Hawkins

SUBW President
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