[SUBW] RE - Helensburgh - Burning Palms Beach - Otford - Please read

Bruce Stafford bstaffor at med.usyd.edu.au
Sun Aug 20 15:11:59 AEST 2017

Hi All,
It has become apparent that some people are not reading the full  
description of this walk when they got the SUBW email.

The first line says: "Please note that this walk is NOT full, entry is  
only closed until 9th September - after then you can sign on to join  
this walk."

Yet I am getting emails from people wondering why they can't sign on  
for this walk.

It is very important that people read all SUBW emails carefully. If  
you don't you can make serious mistakes.

Normally I don't advertise a walk more than 10 days before it is on,  
as otherwise people might sign up, then forget about it and not turn  
up. This one is only advertised earlier to give new members a list of  
forthcoming trips.

One more thing about emails: I have found that when a second  
(follow-up) email has been sent about a trip, some people have assumed  
it is just the first one being repeated, and delete it without reading  
it. Please read all email messages sent about walks.

Again, to remind everyone, you can sign on for the Helensburgh -  
Burning Palms Beach - Otford walk from 9th September.

Regards, Bruce Stafford.

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