[SUBW] New trip: Multi-day canyoning -- Bungleboori Creek (06/01/2018 - 09/01/2018)

Tim Vollmer tim.vollmer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 23:25:32 AEDT 2017

I just entered a new trip to the walks programme.

*Multi-day canyoning -- Bungleboori Creek*

Date:06/01/2018 - 09/01/2018
Leader:Tim Vollmer
Email:[LINK: mailto:tim.vollmer at gmail.com?subject=Multi-day canyoning --
Bungleboori Creek] tim.vollmer at gmail.com
G'day all,
Bron and I are planning to spend four days linking up a bunch of really
nice canyons in the 'Boori. We'll be driving out on the Friday afternoon /
evening and heading back home on the Tuesday night. The plan over the four
days is to head through seven (hopefully) canyons. They are Banks,
Nosedive, Fortitude, Crikey, Bjelkes Mind, Steep Creek (Bridge), and Froth
and Bubble (Bubblebath) canyons.
This is a stunning area with some really impressive canyons. Because of how
much walking is required, a multi-day trip is the most efficient way of
getting to most of them.
This trip is suitable for people with intermediate bushwalking and
canyoning skills. Be aware that it will require walking, swimming, and
scrambling with full packs. If I haven't canyoned with you previously,
please provide a detailed summary of your canyoning and multi-day
bushwalking experience.
Numbers will need to be kept small (maximum of six people) to ensure we can
move efficiently and safely through the canyons.
(P.S. There is a small chance we may need to cut this trip to three days --
Saturday to Monday -- but that will still allow five canyons to be

To join this trip, please go to the [LINK:
https://www.subw.org.au/members/tripDetailsPublic.php?tripid=1229] trip
announcement on the SUBW website. For any other questions, please contact
me directly.

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