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Morning all. The NSW Government appears to be pressing ahead with a plan to
raise the wall of Warragamba Dam, causing huge damage to thousands of
hectares of world heritage-listed Blue Mountains bushland. See below an
update on how you can help the campaign.

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Subject: Don't Raise the Dam - Join Us for the Winter Magic Grand Parade 24
June, muster @ 11am
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​Join us for the Winter Magic Grand Parade -

behind our new banner on Saturday 24 June, 11am

Support the *Don't Raise the Dam* campaign by walking in the parade. We’ll
we under the umbrella of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society.

*Muster at 11am* at Katoomba Public School on the Waratah Street side. From
the Katoomba Station head down Main St to Waratah Street and turn left and
walk down to the school.

*Please wear blue, and help launch the campaign to stop the DAMage.*

*Let us know you’re coming by reply email.*

The proposal to raise the height of the Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres is
unnecessary and environmentally damaging. It will wreck World Heritage
listed wilderness national parks.

*Major Impacts from raising the dam wall 14 metres:*

•             Buries scenic valley floors with sediment;

•             Death of native vegetation and weed invasion;

•             Destruction of animal habitat;

•             Creates kilometres of ugly ‘moonscape’ valleys;

•             Pollutes Sydney’s drinking water;

*Raising Warragamba Dam Wall*

The dam wall has already been raised and a spillway constructed to make the
dam safe from any flood. What is proposed now would increase the dam’s
storage capacity by another 50% or enough storage to fill Sydney Harbour

The EIS detailing the dam wall raising is expected to be release soon.

*14 Metre Spillway causes the most damage*

A new spillway will be 14 metres above the full supply level is the most
damaging component of the dam raising proposal. Floods that recur more than
once every fifty years will be temporarily stored behind the dam. The
release of floodwaters occurs over a period or days or weeks. Upsteam
flooding will scar the landscape, kill trees and other native vegetation.

The operation of spillway gates will also allow permanent water storage to
the top of the spillway.

World Heritage listed wilderness national parks that lie the above the full
supply level may also be flooded temporarily for up to five weeks.

*Write a letter

say that:

•             You oppose the raising of the Warragamba Dam full supply
level by 14m

•             You want the NSW Government to adopt a solution that uses the
current dam for flood mitigation, has no additional impacts and ensures
floodplain management downstream prevents urban sprawl across the floodplain

•             Temporary flooding of the World Heritage listed wilderness
national parks, and the loss of half the nationally endangered Camden White
Gum forest is unacceptable

and send to:

The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW, Parliament House, NSW, Sydney

The Hon. Luke Foley, Opposition Leader, Parliament House, NSW, Sydney 2000

*Keith Muir*
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd
Level 2, 332 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph 9261 2400; Mob 0412 791 404
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