[SUBW] New trip: European Outdoor Film Tour (18/10/2017)

Konstantin Seiler list at kseiler.de
Mon Oct 16 20:24:40 AEDT 2017

I just entered a new trip to the walks programme.

*European Outdoor Film Tour*

Leader:Konstantin Seiler
Email:[LINK: mailto:list at kseiler.de?subject=European Outdoor Film Tour]
list at kseiler.de
This Wednesday a few of us are going to the European Outdoor Film Tour (7
pm, Ritz Cinema Randwick). I'll try to organise some meeting point so we
can actually find eachother. If you are going and want to meet up, just
sign up to this trip and I'll keep you in the loop.

If you still need tickets: go to
and use the discount code "UNIVERSITY".

To join this trip, please go to the [LINK:
https://www.subw.org.au/members/tripDetailsPublic.php?tripid=1182] trip
announcement on the SUBW website. For any other questions, please contact
me directly.

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