[SUBW] Passing of former SUBW member Ben Sandilands

Tim Vollmer tim.vollmer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 21:38:13 AEDT 2017

Evening all,

I just heard the news that former SUBW member Ben Sandilands passed away on
Friday following a battle with cancer.

Ben was an active member of the club in the 1960s and retained his passion
for the bush throughout his life. Despite ill health keeping him from many
adventures, and the fact that he lived in the Southern Highlands, Ben was a
keen participant in the club's 70th anniversary celebrations last year.

>From time to time I'd have a reason to call him in a professional capacity,
which would invariably lead to an hour long discussion about bushwalking
and other adventures. He was always keen to hear what I'd been up to as
well as sharing favourite trips from his own youth.

As well as being a member of SUBW, he also got roped into the world of rock
climbing (in an era where hemp ropes and pitons were about as advanced as
the gear got) with the Sydney Rockies. As a result, and despite being a
very junior reporter, he managed to convince the Sydney Morning Herald to
not only send him on an expedition to do the first ascent of Balls Pyramid,
but to throw a few hundred pounds towards the expedition. His reports, as
an unnamed "staff correspondent", are well worth a read:
http://brydenallen.com/First_Ascent_of_Ball%27s_Pyramid.html. He gave some
recollections last year on this trip, and six decades on it was clear the
wonder and thrill he experienced in such a magnificent natural place had
not diminished:

Ben always provided a great reminder of just how wonderful our wild,
natural places are, and how privileged we are to get the opportunity to
explore them. I only hope I retain his same passion in the decades to come.

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