Feel like spending St Pat's day in the bush?  Then come and wander round the Brisbane Water National Park for the day this Sunday.  It'll be an easy walk from Wondabyne train station to Pindar Cave and back, visiting a majestic Aboriginal camping cave and a great waterfall.

OK, now for some details.  Catch the 8:47am Wyong train from Central, arriving Wondabyne at 9:49am.  This stops at Strathfield, Eastwood, Hornsby.  Don't miss it!  The next one's not for an hour.  I'll be in the back carriage, because you're supposed to tell the conductor if you want to stop at Wondabyne.  Bring some drinking water, lunch, raincoat, hat, and togs. 

Email or call 9300 0789 (H) or 0418 314 001 (M) to let me know you're coming.